In a saturated market where technologies drive the economy, your customers are better informed about your real estate or furniture. Therefore, their expectations of your added value are changing.

Generate highly
qualified leads


As a professional of real estate or furniture, you benefit from rich immersive solutions and state-of-the-art visualization techniques.


Your customers can experience their purchase prior to its construction or manufacture.


In this way, nirli speeds up sales and adds value to property.


We bring advanced technology accessible to all. We are not content just to explain things, we offer a real experience. Flexible and transparent, we are service-oriented and concerned with sustainable development.



Entrust us with your 2D plans and we’ll take care of the rest.

And what does that change?

A true expérience

Your prospective customers can enjoy a full scale tour of all the properties of your real estate project. Their eyes, their bodies, their brains live the experience in full, as if they were actually there. It is easier for them to get the feeling of and remember the places so they can take decisions to plan the rest of the project.

A quick sale

Your customers can visualize the different rooms more easily. They are reassured. One or two visits to the agency are sufficient to conclude the sale, compared to six appointments before. (1) (2)

An efficient process

As a professional, your advice is valued. In an instant, your customers can interact by modifying floor or wall coverings, the type of window, kitchen, bathroom or even how the garden is arranged. You have an augmented version of a show apartment/house.

Comprehensive support

Right from the start of our partnership, all members of your team are coached in order to master your new sales tool. Installation, training, provision of equipment and support, we take care of everything.

Discover the project "L'Escale".
A 13 000sqm project from Bernard Construction.