No surprises, you will always know what you will be paying in advance.


Do you know what you need to showcase in order to sell your real estate or furniture? Choose one of our “one shot” formulas.

  • Realistic immersive photo of the outside or of the inside: €650
  • 360 degree realistic immersive photo of a room: €900


Looking for the holy grail of immersion and want to maximize the sale of your properties?

Choose one of our “virtual reality” packs in accordance with your needs and pay per square metre of living space. nirli will throw in the gardens and walkways.



Your customers can visit the property fitted with interior/exterior fittings and finishes and the furniture selected from our catalogue.

Simply and free-of-charge, you can extract an unlimited number of quality images for your promotion and communication activities.



Your customers can visit the property and its environs, view the interior/exterior fittings and finishes, the furniture selected from our catalogue and their customized kitchen.

They can compare the flooring, the coatings in the kitchen or brightness throughout the day.

In addition to freely extracting quality images, you also get:

  • 5 high-quality photos or two high quality 360 degree pictures,
  • 1 realistic immersive photo of the outside or of the inside:
  • 1 shoebox



You receive the same elements as the Platinum pack in an higher quality.

In addition to the items of the Platinum pack, you have data regarding the duration of the virtual tour of the property and the selection of furniture and finishes.

This data will allow you to tweak your marketing strategy over time.

Your benefits included in all immersive tour packs

Installation and training

Right from the start of our partnership, all members of your team are coached in order to master your new sales tool.

Provision of the equipment

You have at your disposal all the necessary equipment: computer, 43-inch split screen, virtual reality headset.


Do you have a question? You can always count on our after sales service.

Don’t our packs have exactly what you want? Get in touch with us.

Vos options - prix sur mesure

Model of your environs

Discover a model of your environs. Your customers can visualize their future view of neighbouring buildings.

Interactive catalogue of fittings and finishes

Choose from your interactive catalogue of fittings and finishes. Your customers can easily change all the flooring, bathrooms, kitchen, frames, doors. They make their choice in just a few clicks, allowing you to free up time to focus on new projects.

Align your other media

Align your other media. Is your project perfect in virtual reality? So, convert it into video, augmented reality, interactive web browsing.