Maximize sales of your new real estate and furniture. Ask a démo

You virtualize and

Take a tour of your still undeveloped property

Dialogue and move forward on projects with your customers

Allow your teams to sell even in confinement

Benefits to you

  • You position yourself with buyers and investors without waiting for the end of confinement

  • You keep the continuity of customer attraction for your property

  • You present your property in an innovative and effective way


% faster


simple steps


° of immersion


% of satisfaction

Our references

A true experience, a full scale tour , a quick sale, an efficient process, a comprehensive support...

Discover your solution to evaluate the needs of your customers and sell your goods in a single step.

nirli is a great business tool for our stakeholders (tenants or potential buyers, for instance) who are not necessarily real estate specialists…

Sébastien Grutman
CEO Bernard Construction

The solution proposed by nirli has already allowed me to unlock two sales in four. These customers were apprehensive of the buildings opposite and they were able to view them from the terrace.

Julien Simons

Agent Immobilière Bonnivers

Without the nirli tool, 50% of our sales of new property would not have been made.

André Debor

Manager Immo31

nirli truly allows visualizing volumes and spaces. To imagine the size of rooms or the details of finishes that are generally difficult to appreciate from plans. And especially to see what all the rooms might look like in the future.

Nauwfel Amimi

An excellent experience with nirli! Top quality service, highly responsive, despite the distance and the time zone difference. nirli exceeded our expectations, and at a very reasonable price!

Kevin Deisser, Managing Director Invest Islands
Honk-Kong, Indonesia, Denmark

As part of the “Amazing Wallonia” year of tourism, we wanted to offer visitors to the Green Blue Sun lounge a virtual reality game allowing them to visit their tourist office. With nirli, it was a complete success, especially for older people who had never used this kind of technology!

Anne Zinnen
Directrice Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Herve

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