Build something unimaginable with us!

nirli is a responsible company that wishes to participate fully with its employees, suppliers and technological and educational partners in the creation of a new emerging and growing sector in Wallonia, Belgium and Europe.

To this end, nirli believes it is important for each person to be ambitious, but also open to others and to discussion. It is also necessary for us all to adopt an approach that helps to address the new issues concerning the economy, the environment and people.

Rapidly developing, nirli is constantly looking for passionate talents to create unimaginable projects. By working at nirli, you will enjoy great flexibility while participating in an ambitious, collaborative project.


We consider work as an activity in our lives. This should allow all employees to flourish and the company to create value for its customers.

​You work mainly from home, at your own pace, in order to achieve the established goals. You can then organize your private life and professional life independently and responsibly.


We want to participate actively in the creation of a new company focused on efficient technologies that serve the interests of everyone. ​

There is no plan B.


Each team member manages their communication according to team guidelines and tools.

In addition, we collaborate with many entities (companies, organizations, schools) because our goal is to revolutionize the world of new real estate and furniture.



Are you skilled in marketing, communication, management support, web and app development? We undertake to enhance your knowledge if you agree to lend us a hand.


Are you a freelancer in the field of finance seeking to invest in an ambitious startup to manage dashboards and financial aspects?

Sales Manager NL

Are you a freelancer seeking to invest in our ambitious startup and develop the market in Flanders and the Netherlands?

Spontaneous application